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Dr. Rajendra Kumar

Graduated in metallurgical engineering in 1950 from the Banaras Hindu University, obtained the Master’s and the PhD degrees in physical metallurgy from the University of Sheffield, UK. The University conferred on him in the year 1974 its highest degree of DOCTOR OF METALLURGY – the first on any Indian – in recognition of his polished contributions to metallurgical sciences and technology.

Dr. Rajendra Kumar had joined the CSIR as a Junior Scientific Assistant and rose to become Scientist (Director) at the National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur and Director of the Regional Research Laboratory, Bhopal. His research interests covered a broad spectrum: structure of liquid metals and alloys, technology of melt treatments and filtration of aluminium alloy melts, development of aluminium alloys, the phenomenon of creep and high temperature service, failure investigations etc.

He was the “Expert National Coordinator” for a nation wide research scheme on boiler tube failures, sponsored by the Central board of Irrigation & power, Govt of India and also a member of the committee to draft the VIII plan proposals for R & D in the thermal power sector.

Dr. Kumar continues to be variously professionally consulted in failure and RLA studies and considered to be a leading expert in that area.