Due to our various interactive activities during last three years, the strength of our association has expanded over a large group of experts from every part of our country. The association also includes a number of research institutes, laboratories and other technical service providers.

India Boiler dot Com is now in a unique position to provide a wide range of coordinated engineering consulting services through their network of experts and technical institutions to the steam generating industries.


The Benefit:

The biggest benefit of this consultancy network is the collection of various expertise on a single platform, which saves the huge overhead that burdens a large scale service provider with such multidiscipline capacity. This has proven to be a very cost effective arrangement to provide technical supports to the industries in a wide range of fields.

With the help of this network, the industry can effectively implement the Renovation, Modernization and up-gradation works to which the regular manufacturers are not very responsive in most cases or they work out to be too expensive at times. With such renovation and rectification in their existing boiler systems instead of new purchase, lakhs of rupees can be saved by the boiler owner. Some of the cases where this network has offered their combined resource to solve the problems of various industries are given in case studies. The case 5 is a perfect example of one such incident, where a company was offered an option by our experts’ network, to renovate their boiler system instead of purchasing a new boiler.

The industry can select any particular expert or a group of experts from our network depending on their need and request for their service. They can also simply bring their need to India Boiler dot Com, in which case we identify and put together the appropriate team of experts and also get the service of suitable technical institutions whenever required to meet their needs. 

Our blend of analytical skills, effective communications, combined with our access to a wide range of expertise, can enhance the ability of any industry to make appropriate and timely decisions. The benefits of such collaborative approach are

Skill Areas:

The Experts connected to this network: (Click on the name to view their profile)

Dr. Rajendra Kumar – Eminent Metallurgist; a leading expert in Boiler failure investigation

Dr. S K Bhave – Chartered Engineer, Expert in Trouble-shooting of power plant equipments, Solving various problems & malfunctions on fired HRSG, aero-derivative gas turbines.

Mr. S S Kelkar – Chartered Engineer, Inspector recognized by Chief Inspector of Explosives, Nagpur under SMPV rules, leading boiler expert with wide experience in design and trouble shooting.

Mr. K K Parthiban - A consultant for Engineering and trouble shooting of Boilers for Waste heat recovery application, FBC boilers, Municipal waste fired Boilers and Development and improvement of Engineering systems.

Mr. R B Murthy – Expert in boiler trouble shooting and solving various power plant O&M problems.

Mr. A M Joshi - Chartered engineer with over 33 years of experience in the field of water treatment industry

Mr. S K Tiwari – Power Plant Chemistry Expert

Mr. S L Abhyankar – A consultant in pumps and valves

Mr. B E Limzerwalla - Former Chief Inspector of Boiler, Maharashtra, consultant for Optimum Performance of Boilers and Energy Saving/ Conservation

Mr. K Narayanan - Chartered engineer and an expert in agro processing industries with over 38 years of experience

Mr. Harishrai M Mehta - Consultant in the field of Predictive maintenance & Troubleshooting of rotary equipments based on vibration analysis with more than 30 years experience.

This network is also connected to a large number of highly experienced professionals who have taken VRS from their job and willing to offer their experience and knowledge to the industries. Our network even extends to some of the Experts overseas, at USA and Europe, who can be contacted if the Industries need their services. The technical support of a number of research and technical institutions and laboratories are also available to this network.

Contact us:

If you want to avail the services of the Consultancy network, mail us at or contact us at the address mentioned at the bottom of this page. You can also send your need through Analyst section


Case Studies:

Case 1
A Petrochemical Industry from Karjan, Baroda, approached us with their steam utilization problem. Due to a variable rate of steam consumption of their Dye House, they were unable to utilize the steam from their Waste Heat Recovery Boiler. During peak load, they were experiencing pressure drop, whereas during the remaining period, energy was wasted. India Boiler dot Com took the initiative to contact Mr. S S Kelkar, a qualified Boiler Consultant, who carried out a feasibility study of introduction of a Steam Accumulator and designed a suitable size of the accumulator for them. The whole exercise took only ten days from the day the query was received by India Boiler dot Com and the organization had to bear only a single day’s professional fees of the Consultant since India Boiler dot Com had taken the initiative to coordinate for all the technical data transfer and other communications between the client and the expert. 

Case 2
A well known Petrochemical Industry from Surat approached India Boiler dot Com in search of Boiler expert for carrying out Root Cause Analysis of SH tube failure experienced by them. In this case, India Boiler dot Com has arranged a visit by Dr. Rajendra Kumar to their Boiler within seven days after the request was received at their mailbox.  Dr. Kumar is an internationally reputed expert in the field of Boiler Tube Failure Investigation. He submitted a comprehensive report after a detail study of their case, failure sample and the metallurgical test reports, which helped the organization to decide on the necessary corrective action.


Case 3

A state owned Chemical Company from Dahej was experiencing very high stack temperature in their HRSG. Since commissioning they were unable to meet the target power generation due to under-performance of STG. Repeated approach to a number of big bannered manufacturers was made by the organization without any positive outcome. When they approached India Boiler dot Com, they were looking for an expert’s opinion for the feasibility of Installation of a Condensate pre-heater in HRSG main stack to utilize the available heat. We have referred this case to Dr. S K Bhave, a leading HRSG specialist in our country. After the initial correspondence and the technical inputs through IBDC, Dr. Bhave expressed his doubt on the design aspects and felt the need of a detail study of the HMBD of the boiler. We have arranged a site visit at Dahej where the detail temperature profiles over various heat transfer elements were studied along with a study of their total system. After a detail review of the HMBD of the entire combined cycle plant, Dr. Bhave submitted a feasibility report to the organization, which strongly suggested the possibility of enhancement of HP steam generation by correcting the existing flow instability. With this suggested solution, not only the high stack temperature problem could be resolved without the introduction of an additional heating element like condensate pre-heater, but the performance of the STG could also be enhanced resulting higher power generation. The total cost and time involvement in the suggested modification are also negligible.

Dr. Bhave’s deductions were also further corroborated during his subsequent internal inspection of the Boiler while it was under shutdown. It was found that there is a considerable offset in the diffuser section which resulted in a lopsided flow of the gas causing severe flow instability.

The organization is now planning to incorporate the corrective measures during their next annual turnaround.


Case 4

This problem was with the same state owned Chemical Company in their Baroda unit. In their 11 pass packaged boiler, they had a very high stack temperature while using Natural Gas as fuel. They also felt that the boiler is not generating steam according to its rated capacity. We have approached Dr. S K Bhave for reviewing the system, who indicated the need of a temperature profile and measurement of mass flow rate in the system as he suspected that the heat pick-up in the economizer was not adequate. Since it was only a utility boiler, all those measurements were not available at site. India Boiler dot Com then took the initiative and coordinated with ERDA, a well known research institute, to carry out accurate site measurements required for the evaluation. From the data provided by ERDA and after a detail study of their system, Dr. Bhave prepared a report. He had shown that the Economizer was not fabricated as per the given design and therefore not able to utilize the available heat despite of having sufficient heat transfer area. He indicated that with a minor change in the Feed Water flow path and retrofitting the missing structure in the economizer, there is a strong possibility of increasing the steam generation by 10 to 15% with the same fuel load. This modification, if carried out, might save a huge sum for the organization in question.   


Case 5

This is a typical example of a collaborative effort between a number of technical institutions and expert professional required for a particular job which is coordinated by India Boiler dot Com. A Chemical company located at Baroda, brought a typical problem to India Boiler dot Com. One of their packaged utility boiler was suffering from repeated tube failure from a specific location. They were also experiencing severe vibration occasionally for reasons unknown. The manufacturer could not offer them any remedial measure and the company was seriously considering replacement of that boiler although the boiler was not old enough to be replaced. We asked Dr. S K Bhave, who had extensive experience in solving vibration related problems, to look into the system. After the site visit and detail study of their total boiler system, he suspected the cause of the vibration to be flow induced oscillation in the system, which was also causing repeated tube failure. He strongly felt that the replacement of the boiler may not be the solution and there could be a possibility of experiencing similar problem even with the new boiler. India Boiler dot Com, then took the initiative to coordinate between ERDA Makarpura, Faculties of Sardar Ballavbhai Institute of Technology Vasad and Dr. S K Bhave to offer a complete package of service to the Owner Organization. The offer included the detail investigation to find out the cause of vibration and tube failure, design the remedial measures including required retrofitting and condition assessment of the particular boiler to evaluate its residual life period. The offer is still under consideration.



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